About Us


Who we are:

SGL has emerged as a global Lead Logistics Provider because of our philosophy to continually develop and improve our supply chain solutions to better serve our clients, which is the basis of our proven worldwide implementation methodology. While many components of the supply chain -buildings, front-line labor, operating equipment and transportation - have become largely commoditized, we continue to operate efficiently to keep you ahead of the competition. 

This is achieved by focusing on advanced technology, process consistency and exacting quality standards. When properly employed, supply chain velocity, visibility and agility are improved, yielding significant bottom line results in the traditional functional expenditures, as well as inventory carrying costs and revenue enhancements. Sarah Global logistics established 1984 under the name of Sarah International. Sarah International was an Agent for Circle Freight International, Hellmann International, Fischer/Italy and Expeditors International.

What we do:

We simply move anything anywhere. Through our experienced well trained staff, Global networks and more than 25 years’ experience in the Market and whatever your product is  (Industrial, Personal or commercial) we  move everything for you .

Why SGL:

As a reliable service provider in freight forwarding Business, we bring your goods safely to their worldwide destinations. Keeping Your Business up to speed.


1984 Sarah International Services was founded by the Late Mr. Hamdi Ismail and rapidly became One of top (3) IATA agents in Egypt and leaders in revenue and performance with major Airlines in Egypt

And also was Agent for Circle Freight International, Hellmann International,

Fischer and Expeditors International.

1995 Merged with Expeditors under the name of Expeditors Sarah International

2005 Established Sarah Global Logistics (S.G.L.).

Mission Statement:

To be recognized as the leading company in global logistics by providing customers with efficient and effective logistics services through SGL's committed, innovative and professional staff.