Cargo Insurance


The probability of sustaining a loss on goods in transit is greater than customers may think. For example, on average, a ship sinks every day.
Long voyages, extensive moving and shifting of cargo and bad weather all add substantially to the potential for loss or damage.

Many customers are misled into relying on the carrier to pay for their losses in transit. That can be a big mistake. Carrier liability is very limited (see chart below). Also, most carriers are not responsible for losses which are unpredictable, force major and beyond their control. SGL works with you to design the policy that meets your unique transportation needs.

Among the many options we offer:

• Ocean and air freight coverage
• Inland truck coverage
• Comprehensive "all risk", warehouse-to-warehouse coverage (including high risk countries)
• Highly technical or sensitive equipment
• Contingency coverage
• Distribution and/or warehousing
• War risks protection